Scarlett Monroe BBW got so juicy tits

BBW Scarlett is one of the newest bbw porn girls i prefer. She’s more than sexy, she’s desirable.

Anyone would love such a big sexy young lady in his kitchen. Not only for cooking, we all know women are not anymore kitchen appliances as it was 50 years ago.

You will see this girl got a special way to deal with breakfast. We all have to eat, why not have fun while doing that ? Look what this big girl will do with a banana. You will understand why i want her right now around my house,

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The nice Scarlett Monroe got real big sexy tits.

Natalie Fiore + pregnancy : orgasm for me

I remember when i was young. I was always checking at my female teachers’ breast. When it’s big and juicy, i love that.

Natalie Fiore makes no exception for me today. We already saw her pregnant, showing her awesome tits. We can see her now today teaching a course. That must be hard for the students to get in the academical stuff while such a big lady, with a nice french accents and a big rack is right at the front of the classroom.

Look at the touching her boobs, giving herself some pleasure. You will want to go at this school.

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Look at this big sexy fat teacher. Natalie Fiore is awesome.

BBW Danica Danali is back, i missed her so much !

Those who prefer mature BBW will be happy to see the beautiful Danica Danali in those wonderful video clips.

In this first scene, the nice Danica got some work to do outside. When you have a house, you always have something to do. When it’s not the lawn mowing, you have to plow the snow and do all kind of repairs. The big juicy mature brunette put a nice outfit, and let’s go to work. She’s got a brick wall to fix,,, do you seriously think she will work well and do her job while showing her big tits?

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In this second clip, we can see how her tits are big and juicy. She loves to touch them, rub them, and give herself some pleasure while showing those magical and hypnotical boobs. It’s just too hard to stop looking at those juggs. If i was in front of that bbw mature, i don’t know how i would do to do something else than looking at her beautiful body.

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Look at those big juggs. They are SO big i,d love to be squeezed in them.

Billie Austin mature BBW gets nailed hard

If you love a real busty woman getting fucked, BBW Billie Austin is right here for you.

We already saw her last week, presenting herself and masturbate. We will see now what this former marine corps member can do with a cock.

Does she love cock ? YES. Does she love PUSSIES ? Yes. She appreciates to tell exactly what to do to a man or a woman. She knows her own body and loves to feel the most pleasure possible.

There’s just something more i can say. Put your speakers as high as you can and listen to this experimented woman moaning. You will be excited as much as i did.

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You love BBW Billie Austin as much as i love her. Check her getting pounded by a big cock.

BBW Anna Beck – a perfect body

BBW Anna Beck got perfect boobs. A perfect smile. I’m really getting hard just by watching her.

This busty brunette wants to give us a good show, and this is what she will be doing. My god, look at those tits. They are not only big but also massive. They must be hard to keep well tight in her bras… but they are so cute to watch. See her let them fall right on the table, this is really exciting.

The way she plays with her nipples. The way she hits her boobs with the giant black dildo. And her pussy that seems just so wet and ready to receive a big cock.  This girl is just too hot.

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The sexy BBW Anna Beck got a real sex appeal with such big boobs.

BBW Kamille Amora is addicted to SEX

She’s even ready for some pleasure. She removed her bra and her clothes … she’s now ready to help her man find her big tits.

This girl is a big nympho. A big sexy nympho. We can see she’s got a kind of addiction for sex… Especially good hardcore old-fashioned sex. She thinks there’s nothing better than a big cock into her nice pussy. And you will HEAR she loves that. A nice voice tells us so much she feels some pleasure and goodness… I just can’t stop watching this little nice video again and again, just to see her big boobs moving while she moans..

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She’s just awesome, BBW Kamille Amora is waiting to have good sex.

BBW Kamryn Monroe: a new girl to discover

She’s only 21, but she seems so hot and experimented. I’m sure she will make us cum for the 10 next years.

She’s hot with her nice red lips, her perfect hair, her body that seems so mature despite she’s only 21. This Boston MA born girln got 42DDD boobs and this is a real pleasure to watch her nippless. She’s really sexy and hot while moving her big juggs. They seem so juicy, i’d love to be squeezed between those awesome tits.

In the second clip you will see this perfect young BBW girl knows to please herself. This is really a good time to watch this beauty put her fingers in her fresh pussy. WOW.!!!!!!

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Nice BBW Kamryn Monroe is busty and sexy in this red dress.

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Kamryn Monroe is a nice sexy big debutante you will appreciate.

You need a real fat milf ? Let’s meet Billie Austin!

BBW Billie Austin is a texas born real fat woman. If you need to be drilled by a big sexy experimented woman, you will have everything to please you.

This girl was REALLY a military, an hydraulic systems mechanic in the marine corps. As she tells herself, guys called her big 42HH tits: “weapons of massive destruction”. Oh yes, i’d love to be attacked by such big tits. Just to feel them in my hands and my mouth… i’d really love to be drilled by such a lady, telling me exactly what to do.

In the second clip, the sexy busty milf follow her own desires. Such a sexy lady sometimes needs to touch herself and that’s what she will do just for us. Does she love to feel the sexual pleasure ? Yes, for sure. Watch and tell me what you think about her. Let me see just one last thing: this girl got a sexy clit and moans so well..  My god i need to touch myself right now.

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This nice milf BBW Billie Austin was a soldier. She loves to dominate guys.

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Meet nice BBW Billie Austin touching herself.

BBW Arianna Sinn biography

 Those who love BBW sex have an idea who Arianna Sinn is. A real eastern european busty bomb.

I’ve got a kind of emotional admiration for this romanian lady. She’s busty, i love that so much. She’s got a nice slave accent that makes her so adorable… and she loves SEX.

I remember that she really turned me on when she said right at the camera that she loved to watch porn. BBW Arianna Sinn loves watching porn.

I get also very hard to think about her when she had a nice sex threesome with the SSBBW ebony Miosotis. A real nice porn moment to remember.  BBW Arianna Sinn threesome with Miosostis (busty black SSBBW).

Today we can see this nice romanian busty girl is her biography video. Watch the nice teaser, and you will see how she’s so sexy. How do i prefer this lady ? With a girl, for sure. She’s awesome when kissing and touching another girl.

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BBW Arianna Sinn is busty and got a real sex appeal.

Kelli Maxx BBW so sexy in blue.

It helps appreciate her boobs more than ever. This color matches her skin and her body perfectly.

You will be stunned by this nice videoclip. You will: how can i have lived without this nice body during my whole life ? BBW Kelli Maxx is horny, but also very erotic.

This nice plumper begins by showing us her nice blue dress. It makes her boobs more proeminent and at the same times it gives me a good erection. She then pour a glass of wine.. to be overwhelmed by her own desire and show us how she’s a real sexy cutie with her fingers in her nice pussy.

When you will have finished this little teaser you will understand everything i just said.

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This girl got seriously awesome boobs. She’s really cute in blue. I love Kelli Maxx.


New Vanya Vixen BBW pics

This lady is adorable and sexy, what else can i say ?

We have here some pics from her last movie. A real nice hardcore sex scene. We can see as usual that this lady knows how to please a man and give some pleasure.

For those who did not see the video, Vanya Vixen plays a BBW stripclub bartender… but we can see that she loves and needs to do something else than serving alcohol. Enjoy .

The Vanya Vixen pic I prefer ? The one where we can see her holding the big cock while looking at the camera. I’d love to be at this guy’s place.



Nice BBW pornstar Lavina Dream needs some vacation

And with such a fat romanian beauty, those vacations will be perfect.

It’s a bit hard to stop looking at those big tits. Generous, big, so nice. Her skin seems so soft, that must be a pleasure to touch those boobs and play with her nipples. I’d love to sleep with her, just to feel her soft skin during the night.

Imagine yourself doing a great job on her juggs while hearing her nice romanian voice, so sensual. You will want to have an orgasm while dreaming at this sexy plumper. Just try to think about this girl, whispering or moaning with her nice slave accent, and telling you she wants more.. wow!

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This fat romanian Lavina Dream got perfect boobs. I’d love to lick them.

BBW Vanya Vixen good hardcore sex

BBW Vanya Vixen with a big dick in her sexy pussy. A dream coming true, let’s watch that right now.

I’ve been waiting for this for more than a week. Everyday i woke up and checked on XLGirls if i could see this fat beauty performing hardcore sex.  I’ve been so impressed to watch her masturbate in her last porn scene.

Those who are looking for a real nice big milf will be very happy. Perfect curves, a nice smile, a real sex-appeal and she seems to love sex so much. She’s got something really inspiring in her eyes… Maybe it’s because my precious bbw blonde beauty has the same way to look at people, i don’t know…

This fat sexy redhead beauty plays a bbw strip club waitress. She makes the mistake to ask the customer if he needs something else. What do you guess this guy needs and wants ? If he’s sitting at a fat strip club table, he’s not certainly looking for a skinny boring girl. He needs a real woman and that’s what he will get.

Just watch this little scene. A real treat to see her looking at the camera while having the cock between her sexy tits. She’s also a so good dick licker and sucker.

Vanya, you’re making my day!

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A bit hard to stop watching this beautiful redhead. Vanya Vixen you are awesome.

Those 2009 bbw models were great

In this excellent series about our favorite fat pornstars, we can see how 2009 was a real good year in bbw porn industry.

We can remember Bailey Santanna and how this nice San Francisco big girl became so popular. I love how she was so sexy during her pregnancy. You all know how i love pregnant bbw girls… You need some right now? Visit those posts:

BBW Bailey Santanna pregnant visiting the doctor

Bailey Santanna pregnant BBW got so big tits

BBW Natalie Fiore got so big boobs while pregnant, she’s just adorable


Sienna Hills was a real cute big blonde. Really cute. Look at her giant boobs, her nice smile, the way she knows how to suck cocks. A good moment to remember.  A perfect sexy blonde, with perfect face and perfect boobs like that is something you must talk to everyone.

Learn more about nice BBW Sienna Hills on Boobspedia

My thoughts are also going to Renee Ross. If every nurse was like this professional, anyone would want to be sick at the hospital to get care from this busty charming fat blonde.

More about BBW Renee Ross on Boobspedia

2009 bbw porn series video clip

Isabella Grazzi got a sex appeal…

Seriously, this sexy fat brunette is a big turn on. You will love her as much as i do when you will know more about her…

I noticed through the years that tits size was proportional to sex drive. Ok, it’s not scientific at all… and for sure absolutely not feminist. But this is something i always found. Girls with big tits, even giant tits, were always faster to search for sexual pleasure.

For exemple, my big sexy blonde wife, the one i love so much, has a friend who is thin, with absolutely no boobs. And when i say no boobs, i mean no boobs at all. If there was a letter under “A” she would be in this category…  This friend felt that her tits were so inexistent that she would not be able to feed her baby. And that’s what exactly happened. When you believe you cannot do something, you will not be able to to this “something”.

To make a short story, this girl with no boobs at all doesn’t like sex at all. She’s got some difficulties to feel sexual pleasure and is a bit jealous of other busty girls…

As i already said, it’s not scientifically proven, but if a girls has big boobs and loves her body, that’s better :-)

This sexy Isabella Grazzi is not an exception. She seems to want some pleasure so much. Look at her touching her boobs and putting fingers in her perfect pussy. A so big turn on for this big lady that she finishes to say: ” I want your big hard cock inside me”.

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Isabelle Grazzi got real sexy big tits. She also wants sex right now.

BBW Amerie Thomas wants my cock in her pussy…

No, seriously, this fabulous redhead doesn’t really want my dick, but she’s so sexy i could believe it.

Normal: when a sexy young fattie like Amerie Thomas begins by asking: “Do you want to fuck me”, how can you resist ?

A bit hard for some (those who love skinny girls maybe) , an a hard sex urge need for me and a lot of fat admirers.  Your desire will be bigger than ever when you will then hear her moaning and asking for more hard cock pounding in her fat pussy.

We can see that beauty loves cocks… for real, it’s not faked at all.  She’s a good sucker and seems to love the big dick between her awesome big sexy boobs.

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Nice Amerie Thomas BBW porn girl needs your cock. Give it to her right now.

Kitty McPherson, it will be hard to stop thinking at you

BBW Kitty McPherson really impressed me in this Kitty McPherson BBW masturbation post. A big, cute fattie like her giving herself pleasure is something everyone should enjoy. Look at her, she’s just so cute.

A bit hard to stop talking about her… but i must if you want to do like i did and watch those high quality pics of this bbw goddess. But i cannot hide that i will need a lot of will to not touch myself before finishing writing this post.

Red color makes this wonderful plumper desirable… with her deep eyes, her nice smile… my god she’s a really cute girl i would love to meet.

More about Kitty McPherson

Her twitter account

A nice big SSBBW blonde i didn’t know.

I just discovered Big Remy Cutie yesterday while surfing on my twitter account.

I love big fat blondes as you know, and this beauty is not an exception, she’s big, she’s cute, she’s got everything to please all my fans. Visit her on Twitter and don’t forget to have a look to her personal website.


A nice good masturbation with BBW Jennica Lynn

We often see BBW Jennica Lynn well naked, modelling, showing us her great sex appeal.

This sweden-born fattie is really really cute, i would be ready to see more about her. What do i mean by “more” ? Hardcore , for sure. She must be really cute with a big dick pounding her pussy… or maybe, why not, licking a hot nice pussy…

But let’s begin with the beginning… We will see this sexy fat brunette masturbate and giving herself a marvellous orgasm. I would have loved to cum in same time… my god she’s just sexy, watch this.

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Nice bbw Jennica Lynn in a red outfit will masturbate at the camera.



It’s really hard to find something nastier than a pregnant BBW

This great french bbw girl Natalie Fiore is so desirable with her curves.

It’s always fun for me to discover how my favorite bbw pornstars can be just so cute while their pregnancy. Their boobs grow, their belly gets bigger and they become more than cute. I don’t understand why, but a pregnant girl has an increased sex appeal.

BBW Natalie Fiore is not an exception… A real good time to watch her during her pregnancy. I would love so much to touch and lick her big boobs (maybe have a load of milk on my face, why not ?)

Seriously… look at those big boobs… i’m getting wet just to look at them.

Enjoy those Natalie Fiore BBW pics!

Kitty McPherson fans will be happy

BBW Kitty McPherson loves to masturbate and have orgasms. This is a fact, the reality.

In fact, she’s so obssessed by having sexual pleasure that she masturbates several hours a day. You think it’s a bit too much ? Not for this sexy lady.  She admits it’s a bit more average than any other girl (!!!) but we can see while watching this beautiful girl that she doesn’t lie… She seems just so horny .

Watching this big cute fattie put a big dildo in her wet pussy is really exciting, but there’s something in this girl that turns me on so much… her VOICE. She’s got voice tone that could wake up any guy… listen to her, you will understand what i mean. Hot, deep, low tone that just says: i need you!!!!

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Nice redhead BBW Kitty McPherson is ready to touch herself.

Big girls are my life i love them